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It's no accident that you found this debt free financial advice web page. I don't believe in accidents.

Things happen for a reason and on rare occasions, we discover christian financial advice that can drastically impact our lives.

That's what is presented to you here - proven, basic financial planning strategies - an opportunity to be at the right place and at the right time to alter your financial future in a good way.

"Sometimes we make things a whole lot more complicated that they need to be. Bob has a way of cutting through all the distractions that always seem to take us off course. His way of explaining makes the process much less complicated and overwhelming. It is a real help in this day and age." -Karen Wolff, Founder of

As one of many qualified christian financial planners, I can tell you what you WON'T find with my debt free financial advice:

  • No fancy or lengthy sales page to bore you with a lot of hype
  • No limited or introductory offer that expires at midnight
  • No fancy graphics to lure you with unbelievable promises
  • No secret formula to make you the next overnight millionaire

  • "Bob, you saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you so much for your support and guidance." -J. Yeak, Albuquerque

    As a Certified Financial Planner professional, it's my obligation to provide you with the most effective debt free financial advice - proven strategies you can trust and apply to your own life.

    Go ahead now and take my ebook for a test drive. Kick the tires. See what it's all about.

    Inside, you'll discover nuggets of financial strategies - things like...

  • Critical debt free financial advice to permanently eliminate credit card and other debt
  • The simple life formula for achieving personal financial success
  • A key element for reducing stress
  • How to avoid the number one cause of divorce
  • How to join the 4% of Americans who don't worry about money
  • Discover the human characteristic that can drastically change your life forever
  • How to drive a debt free car and still put money in the bank
  • Learn life's greatest mystery
  • Understand the key components for financial survival
  • Pay off a mortgage early with the money you currently earn
  • Live a treasured lifestyle by adopting the 10-10-80 formula

  • The Ultimate Guide to Master Debt
    and Amass Wealth

    Read the first 15 pages for FREE

    Think of this guide as your road map to financial security.

    Although the debt free financial advice is easy reading and straightforward, positive results will only come from action.

    If you're tired and frustrated with all the products and strategies that make big promises but never deliver, then maybe you're ready for something that does work.

    I'll provide a proven, step-by-step plan to follow but it will take some effort on your part. If you're not ready to do what needs to be done, then I ask that you come back when you've had enough of the "how to become rich" schemes that siphon off your hard-earned money.

    "Before I got Bob's book, I was confused about how to to get out of debt. This book answered all my questions about debt, gave me a step by step plan and the motivation to follow the plan. By the time you make your purchase, I just might be debt free!!!" -D Bennett, Richmond, VA

    One of two things will happen now.

    You'll decide not to invest in your future and move on to the next best pipe dream.

    Or, you'll decide it's time for positive change and discover the awesome power behind this debt free financial advice.

    No one likes to make a bad decision and I think you'll agree that $19 is not a major investment. However, if you feel this debt free financial advice guide is not for you, you have my guarantee for a full 30 days if you're not absolutely thrilled about the ebook. No questions asked, no hurdles to jump or forms to fill out. I want you to be delighted with your purchase.

    You now have the power to choose.

    To become part of the 4% of our society who don't worry about money, or to remain with the 96% of the population who constantly struggle with their finances.

    Regardless of your decision, I wish you the greatest financial success.

    To Your Financial Success,

    Robert M. Smith, CFP

    Robert M Smith, CFP, President
    Fortress International, LLC
    6215 W. 14th St. Rd.
    Greeley, CO 80634

    Amass Wealth and Conquer Debt


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